AVC is redefining the Armenian experience by presenting its multimedia e-book series, just one click away on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The e-books present a wide variety of themes about Armenia: history, culture, tourism, and cover contemporary topics in economy, politics, popular culture, and more.


This reader-friendly series is presented in a language and style that serve the interests of a general audience. The multimedia means of the e-books make their rich contents come to life through images and videos. Readers are able to assess their progress through optional quizzes, identify key events on timelines, and refer to the extensive glossary developed especially for this resource.


Experience it now! Download free of charge in seven languages!

The Armenian Highland e_book play_colored Trailer
Exploring Yerevan: A Look Inside the City’s Past and Present e_book play_colored Trailer
The Armenian General Benevolent Union: One Hundred Years of History e_book play_colored Trailer
Vayots Dzor e_book play_colored Trailer

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Read what our students and alumni say about their experience with AVC.
Eric Grigoryan AVC student, Georgia

AVC creates great opportunities for every Armenian to learn our language and culture. Now I can proudly say that I’m Armenian because I can read, write, and speak in my mother tongue.

Janice Okoomian AVC student, USA

I am learning Armenian because I want to see the world through a new lens and taste the full Armenian lexicon on my lips.  I know that the words I am speaking are the same ones that my grandparents and great-grandparents used every day, and I imagine myself closer to them now through the sound and meaning of all the words, the phrases, the sentences I am learning.

Joseph Syren AVC student, USA

The Armenian Virtual College has been such a blessing to me, because very few resources exist to learn Armenian. AVC has given me the chance to learn Armenian with the help of a native speaker as a teacher.

Halle Butvin Smithsonian Institution, USA

The Vayots Dzor e-book puts a tremendous amount of information at your fingertips – whether historical, cultural or simply practical. The format is user-friendly and immensely accessible. I know that the next time I have free time while working in Armenia, I’ll be using the e-book to navigate my way to explore some of the region’s lesser-known treasures.

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